Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mysterious Bursts of Radio Waves

An international team of astronomers has found a new kind of astronomical event in the universe -- a powerful flash of radio waves, lasting only a few thousandth of a second, but coming from vast distances away.

Radio waves -- the same kind of invisible "wireless waves" that bring news of traffic jams to our car radios or wifi for our laptop computers -- come from a variety of natural events in the cosmos. If your car radio were to convert them to sound waves, they would sound like static. Radio static comes to us from the magnetic regions of the Sun and Jupiter, from remnants of exploded stars, and many other sources in the sky. But the "transmissions" usually last a long time.

A sudden burst of such waves lasting only a few thousandth of a second (and then never again) came as a surprise to astronomers. The first of these was discovered six years ago, but was classified as doubtful until others could be found. Now astronomers have found a total of five from different directions in the sky. Indications are that they come from far away -- from far beyond our Milky Way Galaxy. If so, and we can still detect them from Earth, they must be very strong bursts indeed. (In the same way, if you scan the horizon and see a flash of light from a distant city, whatever made the light must be quite bright to cross the space between cities and still be visible to your eyes.)

What could make such brief, super-strong bursts of radio waves? It must be something small and powerful. First candidates include the collapsed corpses of stars that are called neutron stars. These are what remains of stars that exploded long ago, and they can pack more than a Sun's worth of material into a ball no bigger than a suburban town (about 20 miles across!) When such densely packed star corpses collapse further or have a magnetic hiccup, they can give off a quick shot of radio energy.

But at this point, no one really knows what sorts of cosmic objects the radio bursts come from and we are eagerly searching for more. This situation is very similar to what happened in 1967 with another kind of invisible wave, called gamma rays. A secret spy satellite found a few bursts of gamma rays coming from space. At first, no one could figure our what they were and why we saw them randomly around the sky. But as decades passed, and we detected more and more of them, with better and better instruments, we learned a lot more about them and began to come up with really good explanations for these "gamma-ray bursts." We may be at the beginning of a similar era of further exploration and gradual explanation with these radio bursts. As they say on the radio, "stay tuned."

(The artistic image with this post shows the radio telescope in Australia that found the new bursts, together with a blue dot symbolizing the (invisible) burst, some distance away from a map of radio waves coming from our own Milky Way, shown with reddish colors. So only the color of the telescope is real, the other colors try to show things our eyes cannot see, using colors we can see. But how else can we have a nice picture with the story?)


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