Sunday, December 11, 2016

My Mars Science Fiction Story Now Free on the Web

As some of you know, I have begun writing science fiction stories (based on ideas from astronomy) in recent years and two of them have now been published.
The first story (“The Cave in Arsia Mons”) was published in a small-press anthology of Mars stories entitled “Building Red: Mission Mars,” and deals with a surprising discovery made in a cave on the side of one of the giant volcanoes on the red planet.
The publisher has now given me permission to put the story on-line free and it can be found at:
If you click on the blue “download” button just above and to the right of the title, you get a PDF file with the story and a bit about the actual discovery of martian caves.
My second story (“Supernova Rhythm”) is just being published in an anthology entitled “Science Fiction by Scientists,” edited by astronomer Mike Brotherton, and published by Springer. It concerns an advanced civilization out there that can play music using exploding stars: or…/…/3319411012
When I retire from teaching at Foothill College in June 2017, I am looking forward to spending more time writing science fiction stories like this.  For my listing of a wide range of science fiction stories with good astronomy, see: 

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