Sunday, February 4, 2018

Need Listeners' Astronomy Questions for “Fraknoi’s Universe”

With veteran talk-show host and ABC-radio newscaster Gil Gross, we are starting a new series of podcasts to be called “Fraknoi’s Universe.” (It helps to have an unusual last name!)
The pilot episode (made last summer about the total eclipse of the Sun): was a success on a number of CBS radio stations, and on the Web. So we are starting to record further episodes, discussing the latest news and discoveries from the worlds of astronomy and space exploration.
As part of the program, we’d like to answer general astronomyquestions from interested members of the public. If you have a question (focused on astronomy and space) that you’d like to ask, please e-mail me at:
 Be sure you include your full name and home town, so we can mention it on the air.
Feel free to pass this on to others interested in astronomy.
When the shows are ready, we’ll announce them here and on other social media. 
Thanks very much.

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